Welcome to Knowing Me Ministries Website!!


We would like to thank you for checking us out!!  We are a husband and wife team that work with the homeless.  We have been working with the homeless for 26 years.  8 years ago we started "Knowing Me Ministries" together and have been working at this full-time. This  ministry has various parts to it:


1)  The street ministry 

2)  The property where we will shelter and care for people in need

3)  Teaching and training groups for reaching the homeless and understanding their true needs

4)  Giving advise 


We are excited about this ministry.  We both have gifts and they work hand in hand to be one ministry.  God gave both of us a heart for helping people and we are excited to see how He works through us.  

So, please take a few minutes and check us out.  We have information on both parts of the ministry down below and then more details on other pages.

What Happens Daily As Part of the Street Ministry

  • Teach/train groups or individuals for helping the homeless
  • We go to the people instead of them coming to us
  • Being a friend
  • Helping through life
  • Encouraging them to keep going
  • Drive them to appointments for job interviews, housing, rehab, hospital and doctor, etc
  • Work within community court helping homeless to get their assignments done
  • Help get id's
  • Find housing
  • Pass out food and supplies
  • Work with the cities to develop organized camps
  • Be a link between neighborhoods and cities with the homeless
  • Fight for justice

Help Us Help Them:

"A Place of Peace"


Angela has had a vision for several years now for a piece of property with several houses on it so we can help struggling families out there along with children who need taken care of while mom/dad are getting the help they need. We as a family were homeless for a year and half and know first hand what that is like.  Day to day is pure chaos and there isn't true rest.  Angela wants to provide a place of peace for families who need a helping hand.  It will not be a "cookie cutter" like any other organization.  PLEASE take a few minutes to read the vision for this property and then how you might help.  


What We Will Offer On the Property

  • Physical Help:  medical care, healthy meals, education on good eating habits, help with addictions, showers and bathrooms, clean clothes
  • Spiritual Guidance:  Bible studies, Biblical counseling, discipleship
  • Mental Help:  Counseling and care for mental issues both on-site and in the community
  • Social Help:  practice with social and relationship skills
  • Work Skills:  job training, internships, stewardship training by working on the property, computer skills
  • Parenting Classes:  parenting skills, counseling on keeping families together, abortion alternatives and pregnancy support
  • Urban farming:  become self-sufficient, learn work and survival skills, practice work ethics, learn to value and care for God's creation
  • Office Space:  storage for files, home base for ministry work
  • Residence:  We, along with any Knowing Me Ministries staff that wants to will live on-site so to be readily available for emergencies and to complete daily work.
  • It will be called "A Place of Peace".


  • Pray
  • Donate Money for the purpose of the property and construction.  You can make out a check to Knowing Me Ministries but in the memo put "A Place of Peace"
  • Donate Property
  • Donate your talents.  You may feel God's leading to join us as a volunteer daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • We need people on the property team that have gifts to help us get this started!!  If you think you can be of service and want to help get this vision moving forward, please contact us!!

                                            WE NEED:

                                           1)  Financial Advisor

                                           2)  Realtor

                                          3)  Someone to draw up plans for the property

                                          4)  Someone good at getting word out and raising 


                                          5)  Construction advisor/leader

                                          6)  Legal advisor/ attorney

                                          7)  People that are good at organizing and planning