Welcome to Knowing Me Ministries Website!!


We would like to thank you for checking us out!!  We are a husband and wife team that work with the homeless.  We have been working with the homeless for 26 years.  10 years ago we started "Knowing Me Ministries" together and have been working at this full-time. This  ministry has various parts to it:


1)  The street ministry 

2)  Teaching and training groups for reaching the homeless and understanding their true needs

3)  Giving advise 


We are excited about this ministry.  God gave both of us a heart for helping people and we are excited to see how He works through us.  

So, please take a few minutes and check us out.  

What Happens Daily As Part of the Street Ministry

  • Teach/train groups or individuals for helping the homeless
  • We go to the people instead of them coming to us
  • Being a friend
  • Helping through life
  • Encouraging them to keep going
  • Drive them to appointments for job interviews, housing, rehab, hospital and doctor, etc
  • Work within community court helping homeless to get their assignments done
  • Help get id's
  • Find housing
  • Pass out food and supplies
  • Work with the cities to develop organized camps
  • Be a link between neighborhoods and cities with the homeless
  • Fight for justice