Camp Amanda | Series Episode 2

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Members of Camp Amanda have done everything they are suppose to be doing. They are a drug free, clean camp with a code of conduct. They are not in the way of anyone. However, community members who are against them being there have put pressure on the Mayor to move them. 


On the day of these interviews, the city scheduled a sweep of what is called, Camp Amanda, a houseless camp that was named after an advocate who has been working non stop, in the midst of her struggles, to help the people in this camp. 


Camp Amanda Series Episode Segment Two

In this interview, Mike talks with Jamie, a housed community member who has come out to help camp Amanda protest their eviction.


Camp Amanda: Part 2 of Part 2 series
Part 1: Evicting the houseless
Podcast host: Michael Davis
Podcast Producer - recording and editing: Mary Anne Funk